2pm, March 8, 2020

National Press Club, Islamabad


Aurat Azadi March is held on March 8 every year in Islamabad and others parts of the country to fight against the economic, social and political oppressive structures against women, especially patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism & colonialism. #AuratAzadiMarch2020

Azadi kyun?


Womxn from across the country will be marching on International Working Women’s Day on March 8th against the patriarchal violence, inequality and oppression that we face in every aspect of our lives.

Join us as we raise our voice against all forms of violence, from killings to enforced marriages, sexual violence and moral policing. Join us as we demand an end to women’s domestic confinement and servitude and a fair and equal compensation for our labour and distribution of resources. Join us as we stand united against ethnic and religious oppression, against the unjust exploitation of working people’s labour, against rising socioeconomic inequality, against the abuse of our religion in defense of patriarchal privileges, against the oppression of transgender and other gender and sexual minorities, against hypermasculinity, against the persecution of dissenting voices and in support of the protection of democratic and civil liberties.

March with us and let yourselves be heard! Because patriarchy as a system is against all of us!

Join us on the 8th of March, outside Islamabad Press Club at 2:00, as we march towards D Chowk in strength and solidarity.

Our strength resides in our collective solidarity!

Charter of Demands


Print a Poster

Print out any of these posters yourself and bring it to the march with you. Click on any of the images below to download a printable file:


The Aurat Azadi March will start from in front of the National Press Club in G-6, and end at D-Chowk

Get in touch

For media inquiries, volunteering information or any other information about the Aurat Azadi March in Islamabad, please email us at aam@wdfpk.org or contact us through our official social media channels: