Video Lecture Series

Women Democratic Front has started its online lecture series on a wide range of topics on its Facebook page. Our study circles revolve around understandings of feminism especially socialist feminism in the context of Pakistan. The readings are shared in advance and the lectures are conducted through the facebook page 

Here is a list of WDF study circle videos you can watch online 
Study Circles
A brief history & present of Feminist movement in Pakistan – Tooba Syed
The politics of patriarchal violence – Ismat Shahjahan
The politics of climate change and feminism – Rubab Karrar

Organising Under Crisis: Lessons from the Kurdish women’s movement – Dilar Dirik and Mahwish Ahmed
Future of surveillance and care – Tooba Syed and Zoya Rehman
Rape, Power and Patriarchy – A feminist response featuring Amna Mawaz, Huda Bhurgri & Shmyla Khan moderated by Xenia Rasul
Book talk :
Politics of sacrifice written by Dr. Maria Rashid feat Ismat Shahjahan hosted by Tooba Syed

Online lecture series

Pashtun Identity and the volatile frontier – Xenia Mahsud  
Corona Virus and the working class in Pakistan – Minerwa Tahir 
Pakistani State and the Coronavirus Pandemic – Alizeh Ayesha
The Politics of Art – Amna Mawaz
Feminist Memories of Resistance and Law in Pakistan – Zoya Rehman
Decolonising  Feminist theory through Punjabi poetics – Sara Kazmi

Decolonizing Pakistan Studies – Zainab
The state of Emergency in Postcolonial Pakistan – Noor Ejaz