WDF Statement on International Working Women’s Day 2024

On this day, in the spirit of remembrance and honor, we pay tribute to the courageous women revolutionaries who devoted their lives to the pursuit of freedom and liberation. From the battlefields to the streets, from the confines of their homes to the farms, our comrades have played an indispensable role in the struggle for liberation across the globe.

Their sacrifices have been instrumental in shaping the course of history. They stood fearlessly against oppression, discrimination, and injustice, inspiring generations to come with their resilience and determination.We commemorate their unwavering courage, their unwavering commitment to the cause, and their unwavering belief in a better world. Their legacy lives on in the ongoing fight for equality, dignity, and human rights.

The past year has been ridden with wars and brutality of the imperialist world while the patriarchal nation-states continued to oppress the women in the confines of their geographical borders. Throughout the struggles of the last year, it’s more imminent than ever that we must fight and we must do it with all our might!

From Kabul to Tehran, from Gaza to Balochistan – we have been witnessing the worst oppression being meted out to the people. The imperialist world has continued to ravage our lands with wars enforced upon us in the form of debt crisis, economic exploitation, anti-immigrant policies, imperialist wars, settler colonialism. We have seen the masses suffer in Yemen, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Balochistan, Palestine, Sudan, Congo – the list is very long comrades! 

Despite this, the spirit of the revolutionaries has not been broken. On this day we take inspiration from the tenderness of young men in Gaza, from the resilience of the khwaja sira community in Pakistan, from the struggle of the women in Rojava. We feel the urgency to resist colonialism, imperialism, religious fundamentalism, patriarchy, class apartheid in our hearts, bodies and souls. We must resist the rise of right wing authoritarianism with the power of collective organising. 

We salute the women resisting in the factories, in the homes, in the fields, in the streets, in the mountains and in the plains – we shall win. We are convinced that this subjugation of the suffering masses will end. Comrades! We must understand the urgency and the need of the hour to organize our ranks, to reach every individual who has been a victim of this brutalizing world order.We hope that you will join us in fighting this system. 

Muzahmat, Zindagi, Azaadi!!