WDF expresses grief on the death of Arif Wazir and Sajid Baloch

We at WDF are deeply grieved and enraged by the death of Said Baloch in mysterious circumstances and the killing of Arif Wazir. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and comrades of Arif and Sajid.

Sajid Baloch, a committed journalist and a brilliant thinker, had taken exile in Sweden following a series of enforced disappearances in the province. He worked for various national and international news agencies around the issue of missing persons and security state.
Arif Wazir was an active political worker of PTM and was demanding peace and an end to violence in the region. He is the 18th loved one of Comrade Ali Wazir’s family to have been killed in the ‘unnamed war’

It is no coincidence that both these young men had political views and were part of the resistance against the ethno-national oppression and the state policies.Both of these men were peaceful political workers.The mysterious circumstances of Sajid Baloch’s murder need to be thoroughly investigated.

The killing of a Pashtun at the hands of ‘unknown militants’ is not a new story for his loved ones, he is the 18th member of the same family to have been killed.

We want justice for the families and for the thousands of Balochs and Pashtuns who have been brutally killed, silently dying and “missing” in this war. We also demand an inquiry of Sajid Baloch’s mysterious death. We stand with the people across the peripheries demanding their right to life, dignity and peace in their region. We vow to continue our struggle against ethnic, patriarchal and capitalist oppression and for a just, egalitarian and socialist society.

Issued by
Secretary information WDF
Tooba Syed