WDF statement on the abduction of journalist Matiullah Jan

WDF statement on the abduction of Matiullah Jan Islamabad 21.7.2020The Women Democratic front condemns the abduction of journalist Maitullah Jan in the strongest words. The recent increase in abductions and disappearances of dissenting individuals is alarming for the progressive forces in the country. “The current regime continues to use violence and disappearances as a means to silence opposition and critics.” said Ismat Shahjahan, President WDF.

In the last few months there has been a surge in new cases of disappearances across Pakistan from young political workers in Sindh and Balochistan to the recent incident of disappearance of a journalist in the capital of the country. “This incident is a continuation of the silencing and repression of progressive journalists, political workers and students. We reject this sham democracy and appeal to progressive forces to come together to hold those in power accountable.” said Alya Bakhshal, general secretary WDF

Recently the IHC dismissed a petition filed against Matiullah Jan over a tweet he posted in regards to the Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s case. The impunity with which the abductions continue in broad daylight is evident of the lawlessness in the country. Such tactics are symbolic of dictatorship and anti peoples regimes and certainly not representative of a democratic country. WDF demands immediate recovery of Matiullah Jan and an end to abductions across the country. We also demand an end to the ongoing harassment,intimidation and silencing of progressive forces. We call upon other progressive forces including journalist bodies, student organisations,feminist and leftist political groups to come together to fight against the coordinated attacks on peaceful dissenting voices in the country. We stand in solidarity and firm in our resolve with the brave voices who continue to speak truth to power

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