WDF statement of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

We, the members of Women Democratic Front, strongly condemn the on-going oppression and brutalisation by the Israeli Zionist forces against the Palestinian people and send our unwavering support and solidarity with those fighting against the occupation. We share their anger and rage at the colonial expansionist policies of Israel and the imperialism of the first world.

Our solidarity with the Palestinian cause has deep roots in third world internationalism and anti imperialism, the Palestinian liberation is an anti colonial struggle and we recognise it as such. We recognise the Palestinian liberation struggle being at the heart of third world anti imperialism and extend our deepest solidarities to the people fighting against the Israel’s colonial expansionism. We oppose demolitions and evictions everywhere, including those taking place in Karachi right now that have rendered thousands of working class families homeless.

On the 73rd anniversary of the ongoing Nakbah, the 54th year of Israeli occupation we offer our reaffirmed solidarity to the Palestinian people and their struggle for their land against Zionist forces.

We recognise that the Zionist forces of Israel cannot continue their violence without the support of other imperialist and oppressive forces especially USA and KSA. We condemn the unwavering support the USA has provided in the form of military aid, arms, and technology to the Israeli state over the last few decades. We also condemn the criminal silence of the OIC and UN on the ongoing violence against the people of Palestine.

We know that the only way to defeat the occupation forces in Palestine and across the world is through global solidarity, peoples’ collectives and transnational conversations. We believe that it is crucial to rebuild solidarities, bringing together the peoples’ struggles from across the world, including the movements of ethno-nationalist struggles of Pakistan, the Black peoples’ fight to bring an end to the institutionalized racism in USA, the dignified resistance of our Kurdish sisters, the peace-loving women of Afghanistan and Kashmir, our comrades in Columbia and from other parts of the world. We call upon the left and resistance forces from across the world to join their hands to fight capitalism, imperialism, racism and occupation everywhere and anywhere. We offer this statement first and foremost to the Palestinian people, whose struggle against colonialism continue to inspire us everyday. We believe that none of us is free until all of us are free.

Towards liberation and equality