Press Statements

WDF statement on the murder of Daya Bheel

We have lost our Dayas and Noors but we must fight with the fire that is in our hearts. We must burn down each and every oppressor with the fire of rage in our hearts.

Women Democratic Front calls upon all the women of the country, all our sisters to join our hands to bring an end to this reign of violence and oppression. We call upon you to fight this system which is built on our dead, mutilated and raped bodies. We will not let this society kill us one after another. We must unite to fight against this femicide and rule of fear. Break the silence sisters and fight against the system!

We need to go beyond climate reparations – WDF’s solidarity statement

Transforming structures of exploitation and oppression at home is our own battle, and we will fight that battle. However, call upon the Left in the Global North needs to struggle against imperialism within the imperialist Global North to not only decarbonize but also decolonize and demilitarize the Global South. We believe that this is the battle, the western Left must fight to express solidarity with us.